Leticia amazon travel guide

Leticia amazon travel guide

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tabatinga Safety Tips

Tabatinga is a Brazilian town next to Leticia but there are some events that actually occurs nearly every week. Yes, its kind of hard to say but is the "Killing".

This is not a joke and the reason why this events occurs are because the Amazon river is a drug highway where they send from Peru to Manaus and it brings too much murdering into the town.

Tabatinga is a crazy where there are not that many police officers watching the people so thats why a lot of the killings happens there. Once, I met a Hitman and he explained to me that if someone is going to get kill you have to wait them until the person gets into Tabatinga because its more difficult for a hitman to get caught.

This article is not to scare you but its a Survivor kit for Tabatinga, if you follow this steps you will not get kill.

Safety Tips:

  • Don't Fight: This is the first and basic rule. You never know if you will be fighting with a Hitman. People here if you are fighting them and they feel they are getting their ass whop, its easy to pull out a gun and shot you.
  • Be careful with the Ladies: There is something about Brazilians that are a little bit easy but sometimes this beautiful lady has a hitman or drug dealer boyfriend and it will be a nightmare for you (Yes, they will kill you).
  • Don't mess with drugs: Please don't act as a drug dealer because that's a free, easy and fast kill. People here are don't like competition and not even Gringos acting as Scarface's.
  • Don't chill around with people who works with drugs: People here fix their business killing so you never know if that day you are going out with a drug dealer is their last day. You will get kill too and for free.
  • Dont stay too late at night: People here drink too much; you never know whats going to happen, sometimes you are at a party and booom a big fight.
  • If its late take a Mototaxi: Remember safety first. Don't be I don't have money, I am a backpacker and i can walk to my hotel, I have to save money. 
  • Stay Away from TABU: Tabu its a low class killing night club. Stay far away from there.
As I say this is not to scare you or saying you cannot go to Tabatinga, its just a survivor kit. Tabatinga is lovely but if you start fucking around with drugs thats a free kill. 


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