Leticia amazon travel guide

Leticia amazon travel guide

Friday, March 28, 2014

Entry and Exit Stamps in Leticia Amazonas

Leticia is just in the middle between Santa Rosa (Peru) and Tabatinga (Brasil). There are several ways to travel from Iquitos or Manaus to Leticia by plane, fast or slow boats. Immigration paper work is really important in this area but don't miss confuse just because we are an open boundary to fool with it or you will get a 400 USD fine. On each city (Tabatinga-Santa Rosa-Leticia) there is an immigration center so you can do your paper work right without any problem and remember that is free.
Remember that if you do an exit from a country (Peru-Colombia-Brasil), you only have 24 hr to do the entry stamp. If you stay longer without any entry stamp, you will get a 400 USD international fine. It's not a joke.

Day Trip Travel guide in Leticia Amazonas

Leticia, is the gateway to the Colombian Amazon. It's a small city comparing to Iquitos and Manaus but much better, secure, less touristic, with several potential and exotic places. Taking a day trip is perfect if you have small budget or you don't like to take an escorted or organized tour. There are several places to sleep in Leticia and my recommendation is to stay at Mahatu GuestHouse, its an amazing hostel with lake and lots of resting and green areas. Day trips are ideal for people that wants a comfortable sleeping with a busy day doing activities in the jungle, tribes or the river.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amazon Jungle, Pink Dolphin and native tribes tour in Leticia Amazonas

Amazonascolombia.com is a local tour operator based in the Colombian Amazon Basin, we design off the beaten track and personalized tours in the Amazon Rain forest. On this plan we will have the opportunity to spot pink and grey dolphins, Visit local town of Puerto Nariño, Rain forest treks, native canoeing, Piranha fishing, visit local markets, taste delicious Amazonian food, Visit lakes, bird watching, handcraft workshop and many more activities.

Activities to do in the Tour

  • Spotting Pink and Grey Dolphins
  • Visit local indigenous Malokas
  • Bird Watching
  • Visit Lake Tarapoto
  • Canoeing
  • Sports Fishing
  • Handcraft workshop
  • Rainforest and Wildlife Treks
  • Cayman Safari
  • Chagra (Plantations) workshop

Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 Restaurants you must visit while travelling to Leticia Amazonas

Leticia Amazonas is a small town located on a tri frontier (Colombia-Peru-Brasil) region but big in gastronomy and a local mixture of different flavors. From tasting a fried meat filled Mojojoy or even a traditional Pirarucu Ceviche.
Cheff Panduro Amazonas
Cheff Panduro Amazonas
If you come to the Colombian Amazon Basin, must visit these restaurants:
Chagara da Coruga
Chagara da Coruga
Chagara da Coruga
This is a restaurant located just 20 minutes from the kilometer 7 in pure nature. It's run by a famous local chef and my friend called Raimundo Panduro. They make one of the best "Grilled Piranha with an Amazonian Sauce". Everything you eat at this restaurant is 100% organic.

Santo Angel Leticia Amazonas
El Santo Angel
El Santo Angel 
We will definitely recommend this restaurant if you want to try one of their famous dish "Cassava Crust Pizza" or Meat Panzarottis. This place is unique with local band playing Fridays and Saturdays. You must try their "Jamaican Flower Lemonade".

Tucupi Restaurant
Tucupi Restaurant
This restaurant is a contemporary fusion with local Amazonian gastronomy. Their best dishes are the "Muqueados" (Smoking Meat) or "Beiju" (Casabe Tortilla filled with meat). They even offer at special times Mango Lemonade or local fruits such as Copoazu, Araza or Camu Camu Juice.

Hitler's Grilled Fish
Hitler's Grilled Fish
Hitler and Mary Grilled Fish
Located in front of Hotel Anaconda, Hitler has the best  grilled fish in town and you can find him or his wife from 3 pm up to 7 pm. We will recommend to try a "Catfish" or a "Bocachico" with rice, hot spice and fariña with a "Crush Salpicon".

Leticia Local Market
Leticia Local Market
New Leticia's Local Market
Kick start your day with a powerful local breakfast (fried fish or soup) at the New Leticia's Local Market. There are nearly 3 different small restaurants that can offer you good and budget meals with an amazing view of La Fantasia Island.

If you need any help regarding your diet, please contact me at amazonasdeturismo@gmail.com

Monday, October 28, 2013

Adventure Amazon Tour in Leticia Amazonas

IF you are visiting Leticia Amazonas and looking for a unique adventure and experience, I would  defectively recommend this adventure tour in the Colombian Amazon Basin.

You will have the opportunity to sail the entire Amazon River and get to know and sleep local native communities. The food is fantastic and you will taste a lot of typical culinary. There will be a English-Spanish speaking tour guide with you at all times taking care of you.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Recommended hostel in Leticia Amazonas

Hostel Leticia Amazonas
Hostel in Leticia Amazonas

If you are looking for a good, accommodation in Leticia Amazonas and don't have big budget. I recommend to you Posada Camino del Rio located 2 blocks from the Santander Park.

Its a small hostel with 6 bedroom with private bedrooms, pool, WIFI, different social areas, bicycles to rent, tv, cable and its really comfortable. They can help you with Amazon tours or any question regarding transportation to Manaus or Iquitos.

This is my hostel and I will be your host helping you with everything.

More info at amazonasdeturismo@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to cure or get rid off the Amazon itch mite

itch mite cure product rid off

This is something that actually is a pain in the Amazon, the itch mite is easy to get in the jungle. We always recommend to our tourist to wear swamp boots, long socks and before getting into a walk to put some Jhonson oil on their legs.

There is this product that you must have it in you first aid kit, Crotamiton in lotion is really good for this kind of itching and will get rid off the itch mites.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Currency exchange in the Amazon

I don't recommend it in Leticia or Iquitos because they like to take advantage. They currently exchange at different rates and sometimes they will give you fake money. The best recommendation is to exchange it at Lima, Bogota or Manaus in a business not in the streets.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Leticia Amazonas Tour Map

Hi, I would like to show you the Leticia's touristic map I am creating.

View Guia Turistica de Leticia Amazonas in a larger map

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tabatinga or Leticia to Manaus boat price

tabatinga manaus boat ferry price
Tabatinga to Manaus ferries

The price for the "Recreo" or ferry boat that goes from Tabatinga to Manaus has a price of $200 Reais in hammock and nearly $800 to $1000 reails in a private room.

You have to buy it in Tabatinga's Ferry port. They leave at 11:00 Am so yo have to be really early and the only days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Air Plane from Caballo Cocha to Iquitos

If you are planning to flight from Leticia or Tabatinga to Iquitos there is only one way. Caballo Cocha is the only town where airplanes flight to Iquitos from 70 usd or 200 soles Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

In order to go to Caballo Cocha from Leticia or Tabatinga you have to go to Leticias port and take a fast boat to Caballo Cocha and the price is $35,000 COP. Sometimes it has delays or they pospone because of the weather.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yage Ayahuasca Ritual in Leticia

yage ayahuasca leticia amazonas

This is something that a lot of tourist try to look for it in Leticia but you have to know that there is only one good taita for the ritual. William, is one of the most respectful taita here by the Leticia Area and he is located on the kilometer 7.

To contact William, you have to take a bus to the kilometer 7 and ask for him. He is located in an indigenous maloka inside the jungle.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Colombian Amazon Basin Information

Amazon River
Amazon River

amazon sunset
Amazon sunset
Located in the far south eastern of Colombia with an area of 109.665 square kilometers including forests, great rivers and hundreds of creeks and streams is the department of Amazonas, one of the largest in the country.

The capital of Amazonas is Leticia and another important town is Puerto Nariño. Other towns are Metro Manila, Pedrera, Arica, Mirití Parana, House, La Chorrera, Puerto Santander, Puerto Joy and Victoria, the state bordered to the north with the Vaupés and Caquetá, on the east by the Republic of Brazil, south and west to the Republic of Peru and the state of Putumayo Colombia.

Leticia Information

Santander Park Leticia
Santander Park
On the banks of the majestic Amazon River, just one hour and forty minutes of Bogota by air is Leticia, the beautiful capital city department of Amazonas, with its urban layout in the middle of the green and rich Amazon forest, with an average temperature of 28 ° C and 96 meters above sea level is established as the principal city of the three bordering countries BRAZIL, PERU AND COLOMBIA. 

Leticia inherited its name from Smith, the girlfriend of Manuel Charon Peruvian engineer, founded by Captain Benigno Bustamante, April 25, 1867, The Treaty Lozano-Solomon, in 1930, Jennifer became fully dependent on Colombia and since that year, despite not having the minimum requirements for town, was built as such and encouraged its development.

Tabatinga Safety Tips

Tabatinga is a Brazilian town next to Leticia but there are some events that actually occurs nearly every week. Yes, its kind of hard to say but is the "Killing".

This is not a joke and the reason why this events occurs are because the Amazon river is a drug highway where they send from Peru to Manaus and it brings too much murdering into the town.