Leticia amazon travel guide

Leticia amazon travel guide

Monday, September 24, 2012

Leticia Information

Santander Park Leticia
Santander Park
On the banks of the majestic Amazon River, just one hour and forty minutes of Bogota by air is Leticia, the beautiful capital city department of Amazonas, with its urban layout in the middle of the green and rich Amazon forest, with an average temperature of 28 ° C and 96 meters above sea level is established as the principal city of the three bordering countries BRAZIL, PERU AND COLOMBIA. 

Leticia inherited its name from Smith, the girlfriend of Manuel Charon Peruvian engineer, founded by Captain Benigno Bustamante, April 25, 1867, The Treaty Lozano-Solomon, in 1930, Jennifer became fully dependent on Colombia and since that year, despite not having the minimum requirements for town, was built as such and encouraged its development.

leticia amazonas emblem
Leticia's emblem 
In 1931, a group of outlaws with the support of the Peruvian government took the town to annex the country, which failed completely, and later, through the treaty of Rio de Janeiro in 1937, both as a trapeze Leticia Amazon, became permanently from the Republic of Colombia.

Today it has approximately 45.000 inhabitants in the most important geopolitical center shared by the three countries because its location makes commercial transactions, being also the receiving end in the department of tourism thanks to the good performance of the governor Gloria Orobio and Mayor Ivan Porras have developed a very good road infrastructure and urban planning both in Leticia as other municipalities.

With an adequate infrastructure services such as hotels, apartments, houses, typical restaurants, souvenir shops, malls, motorbike rental service, currency exchange, banking, communications, internet and mobile, specialized and trained guides eco tourism, modern discos for recreation, fun and convenience of the visitor during their stay.

In Leticia, its practiced ecotourism and adventure travel. Through the river upstream are the Monkey Island and Amacayacu National Park with its giant trees and sites for wildlife observation and flora. By the town, a road by the river others can visit indigenous communities.
leticia public library
Public Library

Daily, Leticia offers a sight to highlight national level: The lifting and lowering of our tricolor flag, with the participation of the band of the Navy and the general public.

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